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The Magic Switcher lets you turn On and Off Layer Styles, Effects, and Adjustment Layers with a single click.

Hmmm… now you probably ask yourself “that’s it?”

Yeah, that’s it.

BUT, and that’s a big but – with the right process it can do magic.

The Magic Switcher enables you to fine-tune your scene styling to the max without thinking how it’s going to affect the animation process at all!

You can tweak your scene, applying the perfect look, and once you’re satisfied with the result and ready to move on to the animation, you just turn off all the effects in a single click.

Now you can work on the animation, and you can do it fast.

Once you’re done with the animation – turn all the effects and layer styles back on, and Voila! Your beautiful looking animated scene is ready for render.


  • Process on mode - allow the tool to work on all comps all at once in the After Effects project (Available only on the Pro version).
  • Apply to mode - allow the tool to work on all layers or only on the selected layers (Available in the Free and the Pro version).

The Magic Switcher was :

designed by Igloo Creative House (

developed by Script Fighter. (

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Magic Switcher FREE || PRO

10 ratings
I want this!